Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Important Life Lesson


So, I am patiently waiting my turn to go to My Happy Place, watching through the Magic Window as horse after horse after horse (who were those strange clothed horses that showed up with Aunt Nancy, anyway?) got to go there first, when at last...


The dentist gave me the good stuff, I was in happy la-la, he hardly had to do any of the brain shaking grinding stuff at all, and I was in the "recovery" stall.

Then I realized what humans meant by not being the first to fall asleep at the party...

Things were a bit hazy at first, and I reveled in My Happy Place, but as I awoke, I realized there was something amiss.

Really? This is fun for you?

And it's not just like they made a small alteration and Mother took a picture. Oh, no! Everyone was giggling. Cameras and cell phones emerged from every pocket.

They made comments about how I might end up on the Internet!


And it wasn't until an antler fell off about 20 minutes in that Mother finally removed my peculiar appendations.

I hope you're happy now, Aunt Mary.


  1. Oh no Bif!! Taking advantage of a fella - when he's in his happy place no less...

    (btw - however was that snozzle decoration attached?)

  2. CFS,

    Mother says these appendations are actually for a car, so there is a thin, plastic coated wire that ran through the back of the shnozzle that she hooked to the side rings of my halter.

    I'm glad there were a few people taking proper umbrage. Mother claims I don't really work very hard for a living (I actually don't work at all, aside from taking care of my herd), so if she wants to amuse herself from time to time at my expense she has every right.

    I think this another ACLU inquiry in the making.

  3. Sorry for your humiliation, but we truly needed a laugh at our house (lost dog). So thanx for tolerating your Mom's humor. It's appreciated.


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