Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Root of All Evil

Uncle Jeff, my dentist, came up earlier this week. He worked on all of us... well, Fat Donkey only got checked, but the rest of us slid into a warm, Happy-Place stupor.

It was amusing. Aunt Nancy brought over her Big Horse, so at one point all 8 of us plus Big Horse were in the barn.

What with hay stalls and such, there are only three working stalls. Picture, if you will, Callie and Bert in one stall (which they voluntarily do all the time), Big Horse with a stall to himself (The Luxury!) and Belle and I standing drunkenly together in the aisle. The drunk donkeys were piled in the working dentistry stall, with cute little rugs on to keep them from getting chilled.

Chilled donkey. Ridiculous.

My teeth were in great shape, and one of my donkeys was perfect, but one other donk was packing her cheeks with hay and so had lots of tarter. The other young one had a few caps that needed removed. And Belle had to have a scraggle tooth extracted.

Hey, I don't judge... but it was a little hillbilly-ish. Incisors are supposed to go up and down.

So now, Aunt Carol and sometimes Mother flush out the root hole with warm salt water and get out all the nasty gunk Belle shoves up in there. Belle whines about it, but I point out to her that I had to have those sort of machinations on my face for MONTHS. She can suck it up for a week or so.

Mother says it is time for some dewormer, too. Between perfect teeth and no worms, she better stop complaining that I am getting fat. With the best weight lose methods not available, what's a horse to do?
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