Sunday, January 27, 2013


In Mother's latest litany of excuses, she claims to be broken-hearted.

Er, um, non-fibrillating?


Uh, chest pain?

Something like that.

Like that is any excuse to ignore me. Sure, she helped tidy stalls, and did all 16 hooves she's responsible for last weekend after she was set free, and sure she worked all this week, and sure, she's off watching the Manatee and Co., but really, Mother... would it really add to your stress level to make time for me?

MAYBE I am what is missing in your life.

MAYBE a few more visits would do your heart good.

After all, laughter is the best medicine

Bad hair day?

Why does Fat Donkey keep getting in here?

Every time! Really, Mother, are you going to keep throwing this one in there every time!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Idle Speculation

After trimming my hind hooves, untangling my mane and grumbling at its length, Mother set me free. I wandered  after the wee donks, watching them skitter and scatter away from me. Mother calls this OJ chasing. Across the barnyard, little hooves flying in front of me as they fled to the where Bert and Callie were standing.

This led me into the Multipurpose, where I attempted to get Bert to play chewy face, or rearing fight, or SOMETHING with me, and he just wouldn't. NO one wants to play around here.


Like being 28 is any excuse.
  February 2012

Sometimes he plays chewy face with me...

Mother removed me, saying that Scooter didn't want to play, and that he'd hurt himself telling me off, and that perhaps I should play with Belle. She shoved me in to the Small.

You can't play with girls, Mother. You have to stay on their good sides.

That's why Fat Donkey asked my advice on what to give Julia for St. V Day (whatever that is).

He likes this:

I thought this was more appropriate:

He doesn't have any way of procuring either, so it doesn't really matter.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


There are things about Mother's life that I can not comprehend. I am, after all, just a horse. I do not understand why and where she goes all day, everyday, such that she can not visit me. She says that "work" is necessary for her and I (and Smothers, and donkeys, etc, ad naseum) to live.

OK, fine, I can accept that reason for not coming up to see me and feed me cookies. I get cookies in my grain, after all, and the aunts are very nice to me.

Some weekends, when I can usually count on seeing Mother, she ghost sits and I may or may not get to see her.

But when I hear she could come up but instead just sits and plays on the internet, which I have NO access to of late, seemingly...


I would like for her to be prosecuted for High Treason.

Or impeached?

Something like that.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Foisted Again

All too often, even when Mother does come to visit, she spends very little time with me. 

She foists me off to someone else to brush and cuddle me, while she goes and does meaningless things like stall hygiene or donkey fussing. Even if I did get a total of four Wither&Withers IR treats and six Herballs and three Mrs. Pastures (YUM!) cookies, many of them by Mother's own hand... it's not the same as HER brushing me and fussing over me and taking care of me.


Fenway mentioned that his owner is lamenting the fact Fenny doesn't fawn over her like he once did.

I am lamenting that Mother doesn't fawn over me.

And after all that I put up with!!

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