Monday, June 17, 2013

The Way Things Are

The way things are is the way things are

For example, these photos are from weeks ago, from Auntie Erin's camera. Mother has been having issues getting anything to load from her latest photo sessions.

The humans like pictures, Mother, but really, they just want to hear from me. NOT languish in silence for weeks on end.

They'll think something terrible has happened. Really, I just putter about in anonymity.

When Mother shows up, she plays with the donkeys.

Julia, lunging... What about me, Mother??

More Clementine
Ellie Mae
Even Fat Donkey gets more attention than me.
That's just gross!!
Anyway, Mother has been up a fair amount these last few weeks, she just doesn't let me have the Wi-Fi. And believe me, I have things to talk about... Mother shaved the asses!!


  1. So glad for the photographic evidence. Bif - you are handsomer than ever! (if that is even possible...)

  2. My, what a long mane you have! It didn't take you long to recover from the burr incident, did it?

    Marnie ("FarmWife") Jones
    Brays Of Our Lives Dot Com


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