Wednesday, July 3, 2013


So it's been a busy week for me... between watching the donkeys get de-haired, and then Uncle Jeff came up and sent all eight equines to their Happy Place, and then yesterday Mother and Auntie Erin came up and were playing beautician, which I always find hilarious.

After redoing my hair, and Mother working on my hoovies, I was kicked back out to the Small whilst they dragged in the wee donks to torture in various ways. I kept giving Mother "The Look"... 

and she finally let me into the barnyard to do what I wanted all along.

Rastafarian Giraffe

Sassafras... so tasty.

Not sure why Mother says I look like a giraffe... I don't have horns.

I will say, this really helps elongate and stretch the neck


I spent quite a while out there, until Mother thought I might really turn in to a giraffe.

WhatEVER, Mother!!!


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