Monday, September 9, 2013

Other Priorities

How the mighty have fallen.

I used to be The Most Important Thing.

Then, I suspected the donkeys superseded me. Even though I still get cookies and they don't.

Now, Mother just fusses over the psychocats living in her apartment.

She even is making lists. For example, here is her Tips to Co-Existing with your Psychocats

1. Accept that 3 felines may make you a crazy cat lady. Purchase magnet for your car so no one will be confused and mistake you for sane.

2. Just eat in the car. It's easier. Even if you have to microwave it in the house first. People will understand. You have the magnet.

3. Try to maintain one or two cat free zones in your home to retreat to. If one of these happens to be the bathroom, you are a lucky human.

4. Cat with seniority may follow you into the bathroom if he so chooses. He's trying to get away from the pyschokittens, too, after all.

5. Offer a kitten to everyone you come in contact with, "Would you like the feral kitten, or the one with two broken legs?"

6. Accept that you will have nothing nice for the next 12-20 years. Including dates.


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