Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bottom of Barrel (or Mother's car)

Mother is sitting in her home, listen to her fat cat snore (he has a cold, so it is particularly noisy) and she laments that I have been languishing without interwebs. Well, how do you think I feel?

There was the donkey escape (AGAIN) and the garden wrecking incident, and Julia has been pulling people in the donkey cart, and we eat out of the ginormous hay net with a whole round bale in it, and Belle gets grain now (we both eat orange grain), the donkeys are in their fly masks already, and I *like* my new farrier, which isn't always the case...

...and have I been able to post?


Mother says she feels bad, because there are no pictures, and certain readers only read for the pictures.

MOTHER... you haven't taken a picture of me since before you cut my hair. And it's already 6 inches long again.

Quit whining, and go clean out the back seat of your car. The camera is in there somewhere.

donkeys in masks, circa August 2013

 Boring picture of me working, but it's *the most recent one I have*... from last summer!! Come on, Mother! Call an archeologist if you have to, but please unearth the camera.

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