Saturday, February 20, 2010


Raising Cain
aka Romeo

Mother has been too busy to provide my Wi-Fi... she's helping a cousin get ready for the big party at Equine Affair I went to last year... She tells me he is just temporary, in fact he is looking for his own riding home, but that doesn't make me any happier now.
The interloper. I mean, the cousin.

He belongs to Margaret and he may even get to do some really big horse thing going on in Kentucky in the fall... So Mother has been a little absent. But she promises me she'll get my connection back up and running well all the time soon!!

Margaret also owns a few more cousins. One of them, Moonshine (who left North Dakota long before me, but I got to visit with him at EA last year)  has been to all sorts of important things letting people know about us and our cousins still in North Dakota. He goes to Beyerfest, and shows and demos and even book signings!  He lived for two years at the Kentucky Horse Park representing us. Look:
Blue Moon Rising
aka Moonshine 

Until Mother figures out my Wi-Fi, you can look at my cousins (who haven't found their permanent people yet) at their home in North Dakota at The Nokota Horse Conservancy.

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