Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Doldrums

So, Mother has been lazy in allowing me access to my Wi-Fi. She seems mostly recovered from her bout with illness, but is still a little loggier than I would like. 

She and the other humans have been whining about the winter weather. I have been kind of enjoying it. Hang out in the snow, eat hay, play with friends, eat hay, nap on hay, eat hay...

Mother had me ground drive a few days ago, before the snow came again. For all of about 6 minutes. It took her longer to hook me up, chat with her friends, then get me out of the barn than we spent driving! I gotta say, life is pretty easy for me. Cookies have been flowing well, so what more can I ask for?

Mother promised me that she'll leave my Wi-Fi accessed down here, so hopefully you'll be hearing more from me... my internet friend Grey was talking about his dental experience of late... he should meet my dentists (I have Uncle Jeff, and the local vet works on me when I can't go up to visit Uncle Jeff) , then he would love vets and dentists like I do! Mother says my connection is short tonight, but I'll tell you more soon about my visits with Uncle Jeff and my trips to different places. For being sheltered, I've lead a pretty exciting life.

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