Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm molting... molting...

The molt has begun. Sure, thus far it's just a few curries-full here and there, but it has begun. This is one of those times when I really appreciate living in Ohio and having Mother to care for me. I used to have to do all of the hair removal myself, and it doesn't matter how often you roll, it's still there and still itchy.

Yesterday, Mother was poking about, looking at my melanoma, wondering if perhaps that is making me rub my tail. It had been cauterized (along with a few "friends") two summers ago, but this one didn't really reduce like the others. It is just a smidge bigger than a pea, and not open or anything, but it is located mid haunch, right where my legs meet. She's wondering if it feels odd, if it now rubs a bit as I walk around, or if there is some other mysterious cause. As you can tell, her "bathe the tail" plan didn't work.

So, I am falling apart, my hair is falling out, I am trying to rub my tail out... GO SPRING!!


  1. Can you please have a discussion with my horse? Bastard doesn't shed til May!

  2. No chapstick or sunscreen until after grooming ;)


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