Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mother, Where Art Thou?

I wish they had a "Follow your Mother to Work" day. I am most curious what she does that is more important than taking care of me. This is not the Mother I met in North Dakota. I want that Mother back. The Mother who taught me that grooming is pleasant, picking up your feet is safe and in fact allows for more comfort. Who taught me how to carry her around, and who would hand graze me and spend time with me and visit me every day.

These days, I hang out with Belle. Some of the others may join us for a while during the day, but mostly, it's me and Belle, and my fat donkey when he is done mooching inside and passes under Alcatraz to come mooch from us. The grass is trying to come up, so that is something to do, I suppose, but... I'm a bit bored 6 days out of seven.

A lot bored. I'm even boring myself writing this.

I'll try again tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe a... a something will... uh, will happen. Something has got to be more interesting than this.

1 comment:

  1. Bif, "this" mother has dropped thousands on your many surgeries since you met her in North Dakota. Now, she's paying for that generosity with the hours of her own dear life. You should be grateful.


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