Sunday, April 8, 2012

Everyone but me

Mother has all sorts of things occupying her thoughts. Apparently there is a holy-day today, and of course there is the Assimilation program going on, and even the horse she doesn't have any more seems to be getting more attention than me.


Ohh, ohhhh, OHHH!!! And, when she does pay attention to me, she says I look like a halter horse gone wrong, or maybe a pig. Mother, there must be something wrong with your camera settings; the weight tape still has me under 950 pounds. 

What the...?? 

How I propose Mother remedies these problems:
1) Pay attention to ME!
2) Give me cookies. I am not fat.
3) Please check your camera settings or get me a new one. That is just embarrassing.


  1. Bif you definitely need a new camera... also most of you is missing in the new header picture.

  2. O dear... that is not a flattering shot at all!!!


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