Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finger Food

Auntie Julie and her human larvae came to visit tonight with Mother and Aunt Erin. They oohed and ahhed over fat donkey and the others, then came and oohed and awed at me.

They had a bag of carrots.

Mother had to teach me about carrots. The first time someone tried to feed me a carrot, the chiropractor, he ended up using Mrs. Pastures Cookies to get me to do my stretches. And the first time someone tried to feed me an apple, Mother had to eat a few slices before I realized I was expected to eat that. I've come to appreciate both carrots and apples, along with various baked and pressed goods.

Anyway, the human larvae first threw the carrots at the ground near me. I was taken aback. Not only was he throwing something at me, he was showing disregard ~ neigh, disrespect ~ to a valuable food item. Mother picked them up and fed me. She implored the little creature to hold it out flat on his hand for me. Mother's larger hand cupped his, and theoretically the carrot was in there too. I just saw a tangle of not-sure-whats-its...
Sometimes carrots just look like fingers.

I stared at the conglomeration, not sure where the carrot was with his little larvae fingers there. Finally, I put my nose on his hand, he squealed, Mother grabbed the rolling carrot and I picked it up with my lips and ate it.

It is so hard to be a good host.


  1. Way to build the tension Bif - I thought you had a tasty larval finger snack for sure!

  2. Shy would not eat apples or carrots when I first got her, either. Now she can't have them because she is a chunky monkey!

    But for the larvae to just throw food on the floor, obscene!

  3. CFS~ I would never eat human fingers. I mean, I have seen where Mother's have been! Ew.

    Allison~ I know. The youth these days!

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