Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Calm, Forward and Straight commented on my lamentation on Mother's absence with: Doesn't she usually bother you with one thing or another when she is around?!
Well, uhm, yes. Sort of. I guess you might see it that way.

The trouble with Mother is she is not the Mother I first met. That human had a happy picture in her mind that apparently isn't quite there anymore. In it we did lots of things together. When we stopped riding, the picture was dimmer. When we stopped going on walks because the hill hurts my leg, it was so dim I don't even see us in it anymore.

Sometimes the old Mother is still in there. She pays me special and exclusive attention, but it isn't as often as it used to be. It used to be EVERY DAY. Now it seems so sporadic that I guess I have given the impression that there is nothing about Mother that I like.

She still gives me special treats to say hello or goodbye, while Belle stands alongside looking wistful. She still makes sure my fly spray and goos are put on, my booboos attended to, and I do get good brushings, even if they aren't as frequent as I would like. My massage schedule could be stepped up, but since I have sore places I am often grumpy during them so Mother just doesn't bother like she used to, because I guess she thinks I don't appreciate it.

I have friends and grass and a bedded run in and grain with suppies and hay and water from a trough that is scrubbed many times a week and topped with cool water on warm days.

So if Mother occasionally freaks the snot out of me by kicking around the scary purple ball or dragging the dangerously psychedelic hay contraption, I guess I just think it's something interesting to tell you.
But she doesn't bother me ALL the time. Sometimes, she is quite nice. Maybe I could share some of those stories. They just aren't as exciting as the other times.


  1. I'll try to come see you this weekend and sneak you some extra Mrs. Pastures!

  2. We readers appreciate your judicious editing of the Mother encounters - it does keep us coming back. ;)


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