Monday, August 20, 2012

Alone, Forever

Mother has a tendency to wander off on her own. A rancher would call her a "quit the bunch" if she were a cow.  Horses, like myself, would call her a fool.

There is safety in the herd.

Years back, Mother even wandered to another continent on her own. I'm surprised she's still alive. I thought with my arrival that she'd mostly gotten over this wanderlust.


She has wandered away to far off mountains. She still can't avoid the longears...

Oh, yeah, she stopped. And spent money she should have spent on ME!!

She's been down there a day, and has wondered through a butterfly forest (creepy), climbed a big tower (fool!), been through an enormously deep cave (bigger fool!) and rode a half blind paint horse along steep trails.

And apparently she's been eating her own weight in all sorts of food. I'm sure glad I am not her riding horse!

Today she claims to be "taking it easy", but says she is going "ziplining" and "jet skiing" later in the week.


I'll be alone forever at the rate she's going.


  1. Sounds like Mother may have quietly traded you in for a Missouri mule, BIF. :)

  2. That is not even funny.

    You ARE joking, right?


  3. I think Mother owes you a box of Mrs. Pastures for this abandonment!

  4. There are some awfully nice mules in MO...just sayin'.


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