Saturday, January 12, 2013


There are things about Mother's life that I can not comprehend. I am, after all, just a horse. I do not understand why and where she goes all day, everyday, such that she can not visit me. She says that "work" is necessary for her and I (and Smothers, and donkeys, etc, ad naseum) to live.

OK, fine, I can accept that reason for not coming up to see me and feed me cookies. I get cookies in my grain, after all, and the aunts are very nice to me.

Some weekends, when I can usually count on seeing Mother, she ghost sits and I may or may not get to see her.

But when I hear she could come up but instead just sits and plays on the internet, which I have NO access to of late, seemingly...


I would like for her to be prosecuted for High Treason.

Or impeached?

Something like that.

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