Sunday, January 27, 2013


In Mother's latest litany of excuses, she claims to be broken-hearted.

Er, um, non-fibrillating?


Uh, chest pain?

Something like that.

Like that is any excuse to ignore me. Sure, she helped tidy stalls, and did all 16 hooves she's responsible for last weekend after she was set free, and sure she worked all this week, and sure, she's off watching the Manatee and Co., but really, Mother... would it really add to your stress level to make time for me?

MAYBE I am what is missing in your life.

MAYBE a few more visits would do your heart good.

After all, laughter is the best medicine

Bad hair day?

Why does Fat Donkey keep getting in here?

Every time! Really, Mother, are you going to keep throwing this one in there every time!!


  1. I understand your sads. My mom is leaving me for 'college' and even though her friend will be riding and loving me, there is just no replacement for the real thing. I hope your mom gets around to seeing you more

  2. Oh, dear! A broken heart is nothing to trifle with, Bif. If a donkey in a blanket didn't fix your mother, I don't know what can! You must be gentle with her, and NEVER injure yourself, and ALWAYS remain as sound as possible (given your already delicate constitution), and greet her with just enough enthusiasm so as to seem loving without seeming desperate. You must also breathe your sweet horsey breath on her. If that doesn't work, there is only one recourse: You must close your eyes, lower your head to her chest, drop your ears to half mast, and sigh. It is a sure heart mender.

    Fenway Bartholomule

  3. Ahh, she'll be fine! *I* want COOKIES!!!

    She better get up here...
    mumble mumble mumble


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