Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Cold Winter's Night (WITH GRASS!!)

Mother and Auntie Erin came up up the other evening. I was in a snit, because the very first thing they did was catch some donkeys and take them for a walk.

Julia and my fat donkey returned smelling redolent of early spring onions.

I was not pleased.

Mother and Auntie then proceeded to groom each donkey. I peered in from the run in.


Finally, Mother brought ME in and I got curried and brushed and picked and powdered. She asked Aunt Erin to graze me on the lawn.

I followed her to the front barnyard gate, but there was no porch light on. Mother walked through, and though I could not see after the brightness of the barnyard light, I accompanied them. Then Aunt Erin stepped off the porch and the ground crunched and it was whitish and dark and I froze.

They encouraged me, and I stepped out onto the icy driveway and to the waiting grass beyond.

The next day, Mother brought up new lights for the porch.

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