Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Fearful Asymmetry

Last weekend, Mother did come up and see me the one day... but the other day she went off cavorting.

She and several aunties went to the home of a fellow equine connoisseur. I used to think "friend", but that was before I realized she was the agent of donkey evil and that is why there are so many of them around.

Anyway, the humans were having a good time, laughing and eating and whatever else they do when they are not at the barn with us, and Mother was so hungry that she broke her tooth.

Afterward, she looked a little odd.

Apparently her fellow humans have cautioned her to only use plastic eating implements from now on. Fortunately for her, she went to her version of Uncle Jeff, and she is now theoretically good as new.

If one looks really closely, you might see the tooth does not have the same perfect proportions it had before "the incident". But you had to have known Mother before the incident, too.

Guess she shouldn't try to eat forks.

Oh, and today is some special human holiday, so Mother stopped up and gave me a couple of my good Mrs. Pastures cookies, but only after stomping around awhile and inserting lights into the ground (how do they do that?).

The path to the house, as well as the path from the barn porch to my water trough now have some vague luminescence.
In a rather haphazard fashion.

Perhaps the aunties will come along in the morning and bring some order to Mother's late evening wanderings.


  1. Please say you went with to Uncle Jeff's and captured images of Mother in her "happy place"... perhaps with some wardrobe options?!

    It would only be fair. :D

  2. I was unable to go with her to her visit to Cousin Jared... She went during her workday, and no photos that she will admit to.


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