Saturday, October 19, 2013

Not Dead

Mother said I should reassure everyone that I am not dead.

 [clearly alive]

I could say I've just been busy eating, and getting burrs in my hair, and getting shaved bald again like the last time... but really, it's because Mother has no internet and thus I have no way to communicate with the outside world. I'm really not that busy.


I do have a visit with the dentist coming up soon, so I am excited about that... HAPPY PLACE! And apparently Aunt Nancy will bring her Bunny over, who I've never met. I hope the donkeys scare him to death, but Mother says he lived with a donkey, so the likelihood of that is quite slim.


Mother has also been drooling over some horse on the internet, but I am not worried.

If she can't afford Internet, how could she afford another horse?

[when I still had my hair]

And why would she want one?

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