Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finding your Happy Place

I had my tooth floated yesterday. Mother has the vet come out every six months to work on the tooth that opposes my missing tooth, since it never gets worn down, and Mother doesn't want it to get to the point where it is sharp or otherwise uncomfortable for me. None of my other teeth needed anything this time, so it went pretty quickly. Mother wasn't adept enough to get pictures while holding my head for the vet.

But what I really wanted to talk about was how wonderful veterinarians are. Sometimes they just poke you in the side of the neck, in your muscle, and that doesn't really hurt, but really, it doesn't do much for me. Now, if they go for the vein... this is your chance. It's one of my favorite things.

Have you ever looked for your Happy Place?

I mean really, really looked?

Relax your focus... Look deeply into the puddle... Can you see it? 

I can see it.

I'm seeing the Happy Place. Don't be distracted by my fat donkey...

Look for the Happy Place, and you, too will find it.

If you need help, there are several excellent veterinarians I can direct you to.


  1. Sadly, the Happy Place vanishes with time. I can only find it when the veterinarian comes out, or I go to one of them. But it is a good place to be.

  2. Bif, I've been to my happy place too. Mine is actually somewhere up in the barn rafters.

    Very butch hair cut by the way. I hope your head doesn't get cold this winter. Maybe you ought to get a hat.

  3. Human takes me to the vet, and I all I get is weighed. Every time they put me on it I hiss to show my displeasure. NO ONE SHOULD SEE MY WEIGHT!


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