Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Boring post, complete with losing bits of my body

Guess who is starting to shed?


Just a little bit, mostly on my back and rump, but it is a harbinger of spring, and Mother says she's willing to take any little sign.

For these Southerners, it's been a snowier winter than they've grown accustomed to. Myself being from North Dakota... yeah, still hot down here in Ohio.

Mother trimmed my hoovies this evening. She did my back feet first, then was scratching on me a bit before starting the fronts. She took a step back, and said, "Boyfriend, you seem taller than I remembered."

Then she realized how overdue my front feet were.

Personally, I thought I had done a perfect job with them. Mother agreed, but felt some wall needed to come off.

Mother, it gives me great traction!!

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