Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Recovery

Mother was gone a lot last week. I'm not sure whether I should be mad at her for abandoning me like that, or just be glad she's back.

She says Wi-Fi doesn't work when she's sick. Doesn't work when she's sick, doesn't work when she's busy, doesn't work when... I wish I was a human. I'd do things so much better!!

I had the farrier out today. I just don't trust those guys. Mother makes sure she is around when I am getting worked on, 'cause, well, that one time she wasn't ... henhenhehnehenh.

But I was good, and afterwards got to handgraze, which was really just a lot of work, pushing the snow out of the way so I could eat. Mother has a cruel sense of humor.

Ohh, and I got a peppermint, too. Christamas candy canes, yummy.

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