Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am or I am not

Mother says "I are, or not I are"... actually, she is saying, "IR or not IR?", but it sounds like poor grammar to me.

 Me, in my confinement.

Current lifestyle update:

Still no Mrs. Pastures cookies. Mother said she will get me something I am allowed to have as a treat. Well, get a move on!

She continues giving me something twice a day from a tube, like a dewormer or Probios tube.  It doesn't taste like any dewormer I know, but it also doesn't taste like banana, which I swear is what she keeps saying.  She says it will only need to be once a day soon. That's good. It doesn't taste bad, but it doesn't really taste good either.

She did add something to my supplements, a powder. I usually refuse to eat powders, but this was magically delicious.  Mother seemed really happy, because she said the powder will help me with my laminitis problem. WIN-WIN!!

I still am stuck in my stall. My "turnout" is the few times a day Mother puts me in the barn porch crossties while she cleans my stall, then brushes me, etc. Snort. Some "turnout".

I will say, it has been nice getting really good brushings several times a day. But I'd rather go out and eat grass. You know, my stall window already faces out on the barn porch, so the view doesn't change much.

Oh, and since I've been in, all my horrible drooling has gone away. It's the one bright spot.

Mother says perhaps I'll get my insulin tested to make sure I'm IR when the vet can time it right, but until then, I've got to follow all these weird rules. Even if that isn't the problem, I won't be allowed on the grass for days still. I sure hope I am not IR... although then what caused my feet to hurt is anyone's guess.

But if I'm not IR, I could have Mrs. Pastures cookies again!!!!


  1. Boyfriend - I hope you get to have grass and Mrs. Pasture's cookies again and are not IR.

    I'm leaving a link for the Yahoo IR group in case your Mom doesn't have it yet. It was really helpful to me friend Buckshot when he maybe was and maybe wasn't IR :)

  2. IR or not IR aside, the real question should be "To eat or not to eat." Please shake your mother up with a resounding "yes", neighed directly into her ear.

    Fenway Bartholomule

  3. Well, I have been eating... Hay, lots of bland hay.

    Not sure about shaking up Mother... I asked rather insistently for a cookie. Mother reprimanded me. I've never really had that happen, but then I never had to ask for cookies before. WHY AREN'T I GETTING COOKIES!?!?!!


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