Friday, July 2, 2010

Tech Support

Mother and I are at an impasse. It's about sharing.

I keep trying to enable cookies on the computer, but even though I keep clicking the little button, no cookies come out.

And Mother gets upset that I keep messing with the settings.

So where are my cookies?!? I just wanted cookies...


  1. No fair, Bif. Try hitting "eject."

    As for me, I have had the very same difficulty with the "apple" button on my macbook. I blame it on the size of my hooves. Very hard to type accurately, and as a result there is a drop in performance.

    Fenway Bartholomule

  2. Dex here - I have a secret I will share with you for getting extra cookies. When my mom comes out to see me, I do every trick she has ever taught me without her even asking. Then I whinny over and over till she laughs and then gives me a cookie - sometimes 2 or 3!! Humans, they are so easy to train! LOL

  3. Dex- What is a "trick"? I don't have to do anything to get cookies, really, except get Mother to leave... that is usually when she gives me treats.

    Or when the old humans come up with her to visit me. Grand-mare really likes giving me cookies.

    FB- I don't really like apples, which is good because Mother's computer has an apple on it, too, and I probably would loose all privileges if I damaged the computer for good.


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