Friday, July 16, 2010

I have other legs, you know

I am usually a very stoic sort. I've had three surgeries, after all, and Mother calls me a "tough old bird". She sounds admiring when she says it, but it doesn't really sound as dignified and appealing as I know I am.

While I am tough, I have a confession:

My feet hurt. They're not hot, and my blood isn't racing in them, but they seem to hurt. I don't like to walk on them. My legs feel stiff and heavy.

Lying down feels better, but if I stay down wolves will get me. So I am napping a little longer, but not too long.

Mother seems concerned, which is good. She says I am not showing the typical signs of laminitis, like heat, pulse and stance, but some of the early signs are there. My diet has not changed. There are no noxious plants in my field (as if I would eat them!). She has been talking to the vets. She gave me some of the yummy powder. She said I will see one of them tomorrow, unless I have more trouble tonight.

Maybe they'll sedate me? I really like sedation!


  1. Thinking good thoughts for you Boyfriend - keep us posted.

  2. Thanks... Once Mother has figured out how to best care for me, I'll let you know.

    I'm very annoyed with Mother because she forgot to put me out with the others tonight. I tried pacing a little bit to remind her, but that was uncomfortable. I am stuck in my stall, with some boring hay. At least Jeanie is in the barn/barnyard tonight, so I am not all by myself.


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