Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Cookie Crumbles

It has been a very dull week. Last weekend the farrier came out, and that was nice because he always gives me a cookie when he's done. I feel kind of bad because he had to work harder than usual... my hooves and frogs are hard as concrete, just like the ground.

Sunday, Mother lunged me for a little while, and she hopped aboard me bareback for a minute or two. It was like old times. Then... "the work week". I didn't see Mother for an eternity. My dinners didn't have crumbled up Withers and Withers cookies in them. There were no goodnight kisses or goodbye cookies.

Mother was up today. I perked up... cookies, lady! But she went and got my favorite mare, Jeanie, and put her in crossties and started brushing her. I stared through the window, agog. I wait all week for her, and she is grooming someone else! And she measured Jeanie with the measuring tape... why?

When I realized Mother wasn't going to give me a cookie, and was grooming another when she clearly should be spending time with me... well, I left the window, and walked to the far wall of the run in. I couldn't help but watch, though. Whenever she turned to look my way, I quickly moved my head and shifted my gaze, but before long I had to come back and stare through the window again.

I saw her... she kissed her on the nose and gave her cookies. UNFAIR!

Then, she came out and stretched the measuring tape on Bert, and pet me and said she'd be back up after she visited Mr. Smothers. Oh, come on!! He's just a cat! What about me?! What about my needs?

When she did come up, she was talking talking talking in the little black flippy phone. She talked while she brushed me, with lots of static-y electric-y shocks, I might add. Thanks. She talked while she picked my feet. She hung up... then started talking again, and was even talking while she lunged me. Hello? Why did you even come up here?

Finally, she put the phone on a fence post and actually focused on me when I went the second direction. I tried really hard to look awesome, so she would realize I was the most important thing, and she should pay attention to me.

She made my dinner just the perfect temperature and sloppiness, and there were some Withers and Withers cookies crumbled in it, and Mrs. Pastures cookies on top, too. It was perfect and delicious. And I got goodbye kisses and cookies. So I guess it was a good day after all.

Cookies... yum!


  1. Bif, you need to put on your big boy panties and accept that your Mother does a lot of important jobs; loving you is just one of them. Be grateful for what you have, my dear. Not meaning to cause any embarrassment with reference to your various physical limitations, I'll just say that many horses in your position aren't around to complain about it!


  2. But,but,but... I know she's busy, but I should be most important when she does come up! She gave the cat a bath for crying out loud! Who does that?! Just because he has a little skin issue... snort.

    I am grateful, I am. I know she provides for me... but I need attention, too, or what's the point? Life almost isn't worth it without cookies...

  3. Bif, you got to trust me. The "work week" is just no darn fun for ANY of us. She'll be back...



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