Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am invisible. Mother never sees me anymore. I suppose she could be the invisible one, since I don't see her...

Perhaps I should wander away, and find a new cookie and care human. Mother will cry and cry, but she should have been taking care of me now, not just when it is convenient for her. And my wi-fi hardly ever works at all anymore... not fair! I'm up here at the mountain hideaway with no communication to the outside world.

Her excuses about 12 hour "work" days and 3 hour night classes and whatever other drivel she keeps spouting will no longer placate me. Something radical must be done.

Any suggestions?

Although we did go for a walk this weekend... and I got to handgraze where there was actual green grass (I was almost forgetting grass can be green, our pasture is so dry) and I got a couple of small apples from the apple tree. So that was nice. But it is almost worse when we do fun things for two days, and then no contact at all for what seems like forever...



  1. Poor Boyfriend. I would come play with you if you were nearby. Sending virtual cookies!

  2. See, Mother! Someone loves me! Someone takes the time to give me cookies!

    Why can't you? I want real cookies...

  3. I think you should be a little less accessible to her, to make her see how you feel. When she comes over to you, let her know you have far more important things to do, like be at the end of the pasture which is furthest away from her. If you show her you don't really need her, she'll soon be in desperate need of some Boyfriend time!

    This approach seems to work for many humans, at least, although i haven't tried it out myself, so i can't guarantee a good result. Might be something to try, though.

  4. Fenway Bartholomule thinks you should run away and live with the wild Nokotas, but I respectfully disagree. No one could possibly love you like Mother does—and remember, 12 hour workdays mean the vet gets paid! Euthanasia if often touted as an affordable alternative to surgery, and I don't expect you'd like it if Mother had economized on your care!

    Marnie ("FarmWife")



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