Sunday, October 10, 2010


My mane and forelock are growing out. Mother says I may keep them from now on, unless I get into some really bad burrs. She switched me into my winter halter, because she says she'll let me go really furry and not cut in a halter path. I'm a little hairy with my winter coat coming in, and all that extra bulk makes the already snug summer/driving halter too tight.

I am not a fat head, that was just mean of her to say.

Sadly, the winter halter is the "raspberry purple" one that anyone with eyes in their head knows is pink. But the comfort it allows makes it tolerable. Of course, she could buck up and go get me a winter sized one in black. Would that occur to her? No.

We continue to go without rain. There is no grass in the pastures. We scrub about, and enjoy our multiple hay feedings. I wish she would take me down to the sheep pastures... there was grass down there. Sure, it's burnt out and brown, but it's grass. I will have to use my powers of persuasion...


  1. Bif, my FarmWife drew this for you. I hope you like it.

    Fenway Bartholomule

  2. As I mentioned on your blog, Fenway, as hairy as I get, it's nothing compared to the hair I had in North Dakota. Ohio is the tropics, I'm telling you. And last year, Mother still clipped my head well into November or December because it sweat just standing around.

    I think your beautiful drawing is in some ways inspired more by the burro than the horse, but I note startling similarities to myself... To make it ME, perhaps a little less contrast between fuzz above the muzzle and the muzzle... I'd like to say slightly smaller ears, but Mother says that seems awfully accurate. Captured: My swirl is set well below my eyes, and the forelock length is definitely dead on.

    Thanks, FW!


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