Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh, HAIL!!

We "got through" a little weather today. With some not so little hail balls. Hail in Ohio is different from hail in North Dakota. In North Dakota, one just humped his back, hunkered down, and dealt with it. You had the freedom to look for a low spot or windbreak, if they were available in your current pasture.

In Ohio, I admit, I do not have to just hunker down and take it. I can stay dry, whether in the barn itself or in the run in shed.  But hail is LOUD in both those places, particularly the steel roofed run in. And as the smallness of the area is magnified by the roar of weather outside, I get a little... claustrophobic?

I think I almost prefer North Dakota hail. Really, if the hail balls could be Hilton Herballs, that would be the best scenario of all!

See? Much less scary than hail balls.

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