Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Mother was up to visit me on Saturday. She worked on my feet, with frequent pauses to sit down and rest. After the last one, she prostrated herself on the chaise. Um, my feet aren't that difficult. She fed me and put me back out with my friends.

Sunday, Mother and Aunt Nancy stopped up and fed me and the rest of the red mare herd some cookies and Herballs. Mother looked decidedly pale that day, too.

I must look into getting a healthier cookie and care human. Her performance of late has been decidedly less than satisfactory.  Where is the best place to find healthy cookie and care humans? Should I have a new prospect vet checked before committing?


  1. Oh Bif- I hope your mother is okay. You're suffering enough as it is... perhaps a vet check is in order... ;)

  2. Current ways I am pathetic (due to illness)

    1. I am body sore from just sleeping for roughly 18-20 hours a day.
    2. I am running out of scapegoats to blame my illness on, mainly because I am too tired to ponder the scapegoats and/or possible routes of infection.
    3. I have run through one full box of tissues. I fear the search for more... what if I must leave the home?
    4. I have manipulated family members into bringing me foodstuffs, since I am too weak to forage.
    5. When I do forage, I leave a trail of used pots, pans, and plates behind me.
    6. I have consumed enough Vitamin C to prevent scurvy in all the scientists in Antarctica for 10 years.
    7. Under the guise of friendship, I have apparently infected my fellow man. My apologies.
    8. I want an IV drip, so I don't have to bother consuming fluids.
    9. I want sinus stents. This might alleviate concern #3.
    10. Other people, when sick, are just whiners. I am in true, abject misery. Oh, hypocrisy!

    In good news, I do not have scurvy.



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