Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jailhouse Rock

Someone has been ruining a good thing. Not to name any names (BERT!), but there have been some breakdowns in fenceline security, which protects us from the lush lawn of the neighbors. While it was just a board or two, and no other transgressions took place, the aunts hustled all of us into the barn for the day, as they did not have time to make immediate repairs.

So because someone is a ruiner, the rest of my day was spent in a stall...hhhmmmrrpf!

And that's not the only trouble this caused. The aunts said they are going to make the fence hot again. They haven't bothered for several years, but the hedge that obscured Bert's view of the green, green lawn on the other side has been removed.

I would rather they just Alcatraz the whole thing, as they have the fencing to the barnyard. I don't like hot fences AT ALL!!
 Alcatraz ~ note the high spot that is my fat donkey's passthrough


I think Bert and I will be having a little discussion about all these changes next time he's out.
Fair Warning.

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