Friday, April 8, 2011

Questionable priorities

As usual, Mother has wandered off again. In good news, she should be procuring a new, non-pink halter for me. She claims as it will be specially made to properly fit me, it may take a while to get here, but I am just so excited to have the prospect of a normal halter again, I am willing to wait.

AND she has obtained a grazing muzzle for my fat donkey.

My happiness is complete.

So while I would rather Mother had stayed with me all weekend, providing me with Herballs, she has my permission to go to Equine Affaire as often as she likes...


  1. Can she stock up on Herballs at Equine Affaire by any chance?!

  2. Mother mentioned the Herballs were on sale, but since I still have a few pounds of them at home, she didn't buy any.


  3. I wish you would have steered her towards some treat vendors... so far I've only gotten dewormer out of her trip.

    Mother is stingy.


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