Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vanity, Thy Name is Mother

It has been a very busy weekend for me. My close vet came to do my teeth. Mother took advantage of me while I was in my happy place... she got out the scary sounding spray can thing and sprayed my legs and on my neck. Enh, didn't kill me, didn't care.

Mother and the aunts spent much of the day refurbishing and reinforcing Alcatraz. Now the whole section of fencing in the small pasture that faces the barnyard is six boards instead of three. Some of the horses (not me, of course) have been pushing against and eventually through the non-Alcatraz sections and breaking through. Now of course I don't mind following in such circumstances, although I think I should get credit that there were several breakouts before I decided I should go along, too.

Today, Mother trimmed up my hooves, then decided to see how I looked lunging. She figured she might as well put the saddle on, too. I was vigorous and joyous and... you know, I think there is a certain temperature when it is too warm to work. And still too cold to bath. Today, in my opinion, was such a day. In Mother's defense, I don't really recall her asking me to trot or canter... I was just a volunteering sort.

I was a puffing sort later. Forgot I had so much hair still.

Mother decided a little bit of a sponge bath, using water drawn from the trough, would help cool me off and get off the sticky sweat but not be as cold as the water from the hose. Now, sure, it's 70 some degrees out, but that hose water is very, very cold. Personally, I thought the bucket water was pretty cold. Mother persisted in her bathing of my sweatiest places, and I was rewarded with some hand grazing as my coat dried. Then back to the grooming parlor on the porch...

A few weeks back, Mother trimmed my... well, I was rubbing my tail, and she trimmed some of my personal areas. Kind of a Mexican, not the full South American like last year. Today, however, she went back in and clipped even more hair. I am officially in need of a passport, I think.

She then decided my face could use a little trimming. I will say, she did a nice close job, and managed to get all of my fur without getting my whiskers. She knows I like to keep them. I am very accommodating and keep my head down. Sometimes she gets exasperated as she is kneeling alongside me, I'm not sure why.

She says I sweat so much in the areas she was clipping, and that I would be more comfortable, but I think it's really just vanity on her part. Oh, and she claims the camera's batteries were too low to take pictures, but I think it's just more vanity. She's waiting for the signs of her butchery to fade.

I did get my dinner, a bunch of hay out with my friends, and some cookies in the deal, so it really wasn't that bad. And the aunts will be home soon and there will be still more hay .

I like spring...


  1. Oh my - thankfully you let my imagination do the work on the "Mexican" and "South American" references! Happy accident with the camera batteries I'd say. ;)

    We're due for a trimming session around here as well - haven't determined the exact parameters yet...

  2. "Exact parameters" ~ why didn't I think of that?

  3. I like meeting horses from across the world. I look forward to reading more of your horseness. I am Zoe and I live in the UK.

  4. Hello, Zoe. Horseness is really what it is all about!


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