Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dull is as dull does

Mother came up today to visit me. Since I was still eating my midday meal in the run-in with Belle, Mother decided to pick the Small and do some more rough work while I finished up.

She was out working by the fence line when I left the run-in. I walked very, very slowly to her, but stopped about 20 feet away. She said nice things like "Hello handsome, how are you today? I'm almost finished." I stared. She walked over to pet me, flicked a discolored booger out of my right eye, peered at my left eye, looked at my nostrils. "You OK, buddy?" I stared, somewhat dully.

She went back to her fork and wheelbarrow. I walked over to her and waited patiently just feet from her, but out of the way of her work. She forked a few piles and pet me again, and asked if I was OK.

She moved on to another area. I followed. I waited patiently a few feet away but was not in her way. She said several times that she was nearly finished and that if I would just wait a few more minutes... Well, I am waiting, Mother.


She sighed, left the instruments where they were, and plucked my halter and lead off the post where she had first put them when she came out. I was already walking to meet her. She peered anxiously at me on the porch, and went inside for something.

She came back out, put something from a tube on the object in her hand, then proceeded to... uh, perform an internal temperature examination.

You would think with all the gadgets and sophisticated things humans have they would have discovered a more civilized method to detect abnormalities.


Mother said I was on the highest end of "normal", though I usually run on the lowest end of "normal". She continued to peer anxiously at me.

She gave me some bute with my dinner, which I ate well. She made sure I had plenty of hay for afterward. She pet me, removed another discolored booger from the same eye, and gave me more Herballs. She promises to come see me even though she has class tomorrow.

She said I must be feeling under the weather. It was actually a really pretty day out, so I'm not sure what she means.

And I am too tired to really try to think about it.


  1. Oh, Bif. You worry me! You mustn't break now after all the love and money you've had poured into you!

    Marnie "FarmWife" Jones

  2. Mother re-probed me the following evening, and said I was lower. She also said I seemed brighter.

    You'd be brighter, too, if you knew dull would get YOU probed.

    The aunts continue to watch over me. Mother has been to busy with school. Hrrmmmpph.

  3. Tell mother to drop by my blog - I have an award for you two!! Glad you're feeling better, It's good to keep probing to a minimum. ;)


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