Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Incredible Journey

Welcome to my mouth 

This was the focus of my weekend. Everything that happened was because of this.

Mother appeared very early on Saturday morning, and grumbled when she saw my sides, as they were not as white and clean as she had left them on Friday. My mane and tail were full of shavings. She made some not nice sort of comment, but then tilted her head and smiled. "I guess you got a good night's sleep, anyway." Why, yes I did, Mother. About time you looked at it from the proper perspective.

I endured her spraying me with something and rubbing me with a wet towel, (ugh), then off we went. We went out through the back pasture and into a place I don't know real well. We walked down an enormous hill, and then she made me trot alongside her in the grass while she trotted on the road. At one point I heard a car coming and Mother had me walk. She told the other humans later that the black mustang was going entirely too fast.

That was a car, Mother, not a mustang.

She would also have me walk and bring me onto the road to go around the few driveways and posts-with-boxes, but mostly I just trotted for the half mile or so. Then we climbed a not-as-big-but-still-big hill and we were at the funny parking lot.

The aunts were there, and we loitered until the truck and big trailer with the big step showed up. I climbed aboard, and we headed north for a long time.  Then we headed east a while. We stopped at the funny smelling place where they feed the truck, then we finally got to Uncle Jeff's.

The first thing I did when Mother led me off the trailer was look at the field where Snap and I used to stay. I didn't see her. I sighed, and Mother took me around to the round pen in back to wait until Uncle Jeff was ready for me. I called once for Snap, but heard no answer, so I took advantage of the amenities the round pen had to offer. Mother brought me a bucket of water, which was nice.

Finally, it was my turn in the torture chamber. I went in quite willingly, as I had also lived here for a lot of weeks, but I knew a moment's hesitation when I realized Mother intended I go in to the stocks. Sigh, fine. This is to be a torture session, I see.

Uncle Jeff gave me the Happy Place juice, and then he started doing what he does. It is loud and vibrate-y and weird. I kept looking at Mother: You said we were going to go visit Uncle Jeff. You didn't say it was a torture session.

I behave nicely, though. I mean, one look at the decor and you know it is just best to behave.

Afterward, I sat in a stall and stewed. Mother went away and I was all alone in the torture dungeon.

I may have dozed off.

Anyway, Mother came back, and after it was decided I was all the way back from my Happy Place, I went out into the roundpen again to try out my teeth.

There were some really funny looking guinea hens with giant heads. Mother said they are actually chickens.

When we were walking around before I loaded into the trailer, we walked over by the field again. I peered anxiously in to the run in shed. There was a large piece of farm equipment. And the water trough... I don't see it! Where is Snap? How are we supposed to stay here without water, and nowhere to stand in the run in?

Mother told me Snap had a new home, and that I was not staying. We walked some more and one of the chickens squawked and levitated and flapped 18 inches off the ground. I snorted under my breath with every stride, Mother giggled. Finally, we were ready to load up. I stood and debated my options for about a minute, but since Snap wasn't there, I sighed and heaved up the large step into the trailer for the long southern trip.

When we got to the funny parking lot, the aunts appeared and took my hay bags and Mother's bag and Mother and I again walked along the pretty but silent street. When we got up the enormous hill to the field gate, the aunts were there waiting to let me through.

How do they do that? They were just at the parking lot, and I know they didn't pass us.

I took a very long drink of water, and settled in with hay. I slept like a log, too.

Mother made no comment about any non-white areas she found on me today. Smart human.

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  1. Wow Bif ! The first pic is quite a view ! ;)

    I think I need some of that happy juice tonight. :)


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