Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Done lost her mind

Mother has done lost her mind. She goes around humming and singing some song about my buddy, Iota McHippus. Fenway from Brays of Our Lives introduced us, and ever since Mother has been singing this:

I don't mind, though, because Iota is a pony with a plan. He is trying to be the coolest horse - well, at least voted the coolest horse. Mother tells me all the time I am the most wonderful horse in the whole world, but I didn't enter the competition.

Anyway, Iota is trying to win so he can give money to charity. So if you are prepared for a giggle, you really should meet Mr. McHippus.


  1. OH.MY.GOSH. It's another little bundle of smiles on four legs! Not that you're not a bundle of smiles on four legs Bif. You've that that market cornered for "Normal" sized horses. =)

  2. Iota McHippus
    Iota McHippus
    Iota McHippus


    It is strangely mind numbing and wonderful...


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