Friday, February 17, 2012

Lub Dub

One thing I will say for Mother, her list of excuses why she doesn't come to see me EVERY DAY is limitless. Just when I think, "Surely she will come visit me soon", she has some other reason she didn't come up.

"My car got smushed."

"They are going to stop Papa's heart, remove and refurbish, replace and restart."

"It's cold out."

Mother, your excuses are wearing. Please just come visit soon! I've even taken to nickering at the aunts...


  1. Mother has some pretty good excuses indeed Bif - maybe you should cut her some slack. Sounds like she's got a lot in her bucket at the moment. ;)

    (nickering at the Aunts is a smart strategy!)

  2. I love the "lot in her BUCKET" comment. That was awesome!


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