Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mother: Part-time Butcher

After her long hiatus, Mother apparently felt overdue in her attentions towards me. She appeared this afternoon, and let me out to eat on the lawn awhile.

She brushed me. She picked my hooves. All is well.

She got out the clippers. I could tell from their whining drone that they weren't terribly sharp. This means it will take Mother forever and sometimes the blades will tug. I have a lot of hair, after all.

Mother trimmed my bridle path. She ran down the outside of my ears. She undid the snap under my jowls, and started "clipping".

It was more like hacking.

There are now horrible ragged tufts all along my underside of my face. At times, Mother was holding clumps of hair and trying to run the clippers through them.

It was embarrassing.

She quit after that. I was relieved, yet a little hoping she was at least planning to even the butchery out. sigh.

She claims she has fresh blades at home and that she will switch these out soon. I don't think the fact that I wear through clipper blades in just two or three head/jowl/leg sessions that that is any excuse for Mother not to have sharp ones on hand EVERY time.

But I did get to go back out on the grass a bit longer, and I got cookies and everything, so it was still a pretty good day.


  1. It's ok Bif Rosie has some of that going on too.

    Ohh but her and Bonnie are a bit mad at me because we ran out of Mrs. Pastures!!!

  2. I've been the recipient of several unfortunate haircuts myself. The good thing about hair is that it always (used to) grows. :)


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