Saturday, July 28, 2012

In Sickness and in Health

Mother has been absent again... She grew colic-y Tuesday evening, rallied briefly enough to come visit me the next evening, then succumbed to her sick bed.

She even went to the human equivalent of the vet clinic to be examined, fluid enhanced, tested, and declared slightly diseased and sent home.

More days passed. She tried to remain positive...

Dear Intestines,
I know you are revolting.
PLEASE behave! 
Sincerely, the Management

Sometimes, not so positive. More like surly:

Dear ER,
Thank you for charging me $100 for what I already knew. 
How about checking for things *I can't*?

What does she want, an NG tube? A scan? I had those when I went for surgery... she should just be happy she wasn't sick enough to NEED those things.

Trust me, I know.

Blech. I'm feeling sick just thinking about all this.

Maybe Mother will come up to see me tomorrow. I'd really like to get to eat on the lawn.

I hope she's not still moaning.


  1. Maybe she needs to put on a hot walker? Ohhh wait... maybe it's parasitic ????

  2. Oh ick ick ick. And I let her kiss me on the nose??

  3. Well I hope Mother feels better soon!


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