Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Poor Horse's Alternative: Dust Baths

Sometimes horses don't have owners to slather and spray them with pesticides. I, in fact, lived like that for many years. The solution?


I am fortunate that we have many dusts baths available here at Marilyn's Mountain Hideaway. There is a clay-ey dirt dust bath, 

several fine degraded crush-and-run type dust holes,

 a grittier one, not yet perfected like the other gray dust baths, 

 and of course the fine black dirt 

that Mother says was once compost many years ago. And, of course, one can roll in the shavings or on the weedy/grassy ground. One could roll on the crush and run itself, if they had an itch, I suppose.

I personally find the fine black soil dust to be the best. It's nice to flop down in to, it coats in nicely, and it really works it's way down to the skin layer. Unfortunately, there isn't one of these in the Small, so I have to make do with one of the gray dust baths when the gate to the back pasture is closed.

Ahh, dust bathing perfection!!

What do you mean, they all look the same to you?!?

The donkeys tend to prefer the gray dust baths, but find the clay-dirt dust bath nice as well. The little boogers actual roll many times a day. Mother has even mentioned the idea of having some sand dumped in for a roll spot, too.

It's not worth all THAT work. I'm just doing touch-ups between fly spray applications, and to satisfy the occasional itch. I can't really explain the donkeys soaking in the dust baths at all hours.

Little weirdos.


  1. I am fortunate that I have an owner who realises that sometimes a good dust bath is superior to a water bath. Dust dries the sweat and eliminates the bugs. It also gives you a good scratch. Water just makes me hot, drips down my legs and makes me feel creepy.

  2. Bif - ever notice the donkeys don't get water baths?

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