Sunday, July 8, 2012

Swelter, Swelter, Swelter

There are not really words for what has been happening here. I have sort of adapted, but... yuck.

Mother hoses me off... sometimes, it's cooling effects lasts until the sun goes down, and Mother is pleased that I have only cool, dry fur in the evening. Sometimes, I am sweating like mad even overnight, as it is just so HOT.

Belle and I stand in the run in, which is hotter than outside, but it is shady and there sometimes is a breeze, but most importantly there are no insects due to the shade cloth and darkness.

This summer has been miserable, and it really has only begun.  Just a few summers ago, Mother was lamenting that it wouldn't get warm enough so she could teach me about baths.

Well, trust me, I've since learned. And come to appreciate.

Sort of...


  1. Yes it is hot! And dry! Shy gets baths, too because even standing around produces sweat. Today, the heat broke a little, and by that I mean it was not 90-100 degrees, only high 80s!
    Stay cool!


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