Sunday, March 31, 2013

Exciting News

Although it is too late for me, since I live here with Mother, I have exciting news that will affect my cousins back home.

North Dakota Congress passed Resolution 4011!!

For those who do not know, I am a Nokota, one whose parents came directly out of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. After decades of eradication attempts by the Park Service, North Dakota Congress has declared that they shall be returned to the Park to live as they have for generations.

I've written about my heritage in snippets before, two selection are below:

Then there's me. Mother says there was no reason she should have chosen me from all my relatives. I had an infected, pus-clumped hole and was kind of short and not as pretty of a mover as some of my cousins. But I had chosen her, and obviously needed her.
My name is Chant du Coeur. That's 'song of the heart' in French. She chose French because in my great-grand-horses parentage, when we were marched back from the cold north lands after losing our Sioux humans, and arrived a far smaller number than we began, a Frenchman bought the majority and raised and worked us for many of our generations, and she'd rather use a French name than Kicking Feather or whatever.

Mother tells me from time to time that I am not as unique as I think...

She has a point.

This is a picture from my old home in North Dakota. I am none of these horses. Mother finds this picture an absolute riot... I don't know why, though.

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