Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It has been warm. It has been cold. It has snowed, rained, and even a few days of sunshine.

The vet came out this morning and stabbed us, but I didn't get to go to my happy place. 


Aunt Nancy has completed her horse shopping expeditions and now has a new companion:
Aunt Nancy says he is a yak... but his name is Bunny.
 He looks like a horse to me.

Mother has been up a fair amount the last few weeks, but never with her camera. Aunt Erin took some pictures the other day, but not cool ones of the donkeys pulling the scary hay sled, or me chasing the donkeys and splitting the herd and rearing and spinning and looking magnificent, because the camera was in the car all that time.

No, she got pictures like these:


Fat Donkey

The Badgers 

Ellie Mae, who Mother says will make a beautiful cart donkey one day 

Galloping Ellie

Clementine, looking plush

Some deworming took place. I, of course, stood like a gentleman, with just the rope around my neck. Mother then proceeded to the donkeys. Those little weirdos like the dewormer so much, Mother doesn't even bother with a rope. They gather around, eager for their turns.

Mother always saves Julia for last, because she sucks all the contents out of the syringe, and Mother has to fight to get the syringe back.

What can I say? Weirdos.

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  1. Bif, my little Arrietty stole a syringe full of panacur and drank twice as much as she ought to have before FarmWife noticed and intervened! She must have a double dose of donkey in her.



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