Sunday, March 7, 2010


Could some one please air-drop me some food? Please? Food has become so scarce, I've scarcely had the energy to write anything!

Mother has been messing with my food supply. She thinks I am "hefty", and tells me it would be easier on my leg if I had less weight on it. Well, d'uh, that's why I rest it more, silly Mother.

If I sound a little cranky, it's because my leg is bothering me just a smidge. Mother has been trying to get me to switch to another type of food, one she says I can have more of than my current grain without the worry of too many calories. Without the worry of too much taste, if you ask me.

So, I just don't eat it.

Which means I haven't really been eating my supplements. Maybe those help my leg, after all... hmmm... Mother will give in soon, though, and give me my real grain again. I'll just keep holding out...

In addition to the crappy grain, with supplements I don't really like anyway,  Mother has been messing with my hay supply. She's been giving me the first cutting stuff more, and sometimes doesn't even give me any of the good green stuff. Or, she puts the good stuff in a hay net with really small holes. It took me a while to figure that out. I thought it was some sort of cruel torture, but if I wriggle my lips and YANK I can get the hay out. It's a lot of work, though. There's good hay in the field all day, so I make sure to eat lots and lots of that.

I have been having fun, otherwise. The sun's been shining, Mother ground drove me today. There was some snide comment about not being sure if she could get the belly band all the way around me. When we started out, past the front of the barn and the manure pit, there was a snow melt stream in the parking lot that usually isn't there... I really didn't want to cross it. Mother didn't let me turn away, so finally I braved the stream. It was really shallow, after all. No sooner did I cross it than I noticed the FIRE! I saw a little, smoldering fire, and leapt to the side, away from it. Mother snorted at me and said, "You sidepassed toward it not wanting to cross a little water, and NOW you see it?!?" Then she laughed at me.

Sometimes, she's not very understanding.

The rest of the ground driving was less eventful, and I passed the fire and flood just fine on the way home. Everything seems easier on the way home.

Other news... hmm. She washed and re-braided my tail yesterday. The water was a little chilly, but she does a good job of not getting the water on my body, just on my tail, so I didn't really mind. I like when she fusses on me, so if I have to put up with some of the weirder things from time to time, that's OK. She did deworm me today. Blech. She likes that I never try to spit it out. I usually don't even make faces. She gave me a candy cane a few minutes later. It wasn't long enough later. It's a sad thing when even a candy cane tastes blech-y.

Oh, and of course I got my cookies tonight, even though I didn't eat my supper. So I guess it is unfair of  me to say there's a famine... But is all the grain and alfalfa hay I can eat really too much to ask?


  1. Dex here - are you sure your mom and mine aren't in touch? I was wormed on Sunday too! And my food supply doesn't seem to be as much either. I heard mom talking about putting my hay into a net with small holes too! Oh no! Mom said that chunky horses don't do to well on endurance rides. But the worst thing is that my cookies have been cut in HALF!!!!

  2. Does she cut each cookie in half?

    Oh, I bet there are half as many. That's not fair. There are so few calories in there... don't humans understand those cookies are vital to our good health?


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