Monday, March 15, 2010


"Hey, my grain smells funny this morning... does anyone else's grain smell funny?"
"Funny how?"
"It smells like... like coffee."
"What color is it?"
"MINE doesn't taste like coffee! I want coffee grain!"
"It's brown."
"Coffee's brown."
"Really? Well, my grain is always brown."
"Light brown? Tan? Mine's tan with little green bits..."
"No, dark brown."
"Today, or everyday? Is it just coffee?
"NO! It's dark brown everyday, but just today it smells like coffee."
"None of us have dark brown grain. Yours is just weird. No wonder it smells like coffee."
"I'll eat it, I like coffee... can you fling some this way?"
"Is it gross?"
"I'm eating it! I'll eat it myself! It's fine, it just smelled a little like coffee. I was just asking if anyone else's ... jeesh. Never mind."

See what happens when you do not thoroughly wash the coffee container before using it for feed set-ups? This sort of thing happens everyday, in barns all across America...


  1. ROTHFLMAO! Oh No Bif, for a minute we thought that Grey's awful diet had made it to your barn!

  2. Fortunately, it wasn't MY grain that smelled like coffee...


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