Monday, January 17, 2011

owie owie ow

Mother had to remove some burrs from my ear the other day. She didn't even ask this time where I got them. She had to use the slimy mane and tail combing stuff on her fingers, and pull the hairs off the burrs... she was gentle, but ow ow ow ow.

It did feel better once they were off. They were so tight from my trying to rub them off myself, I was getting a headache. I of course stood mostly perfectly... one small tear rolling down my cheek. Speck of dust, I suppose.


  1. Ow! Good that your mom was so gentle and got them all out though. I know a horse who lost her whole forelock once because of burrs, so you were lucky after all:o) Forelocks take forever to grow out!

  2. I lost MY whole forelock to burrs, because Mother shaved it off.

    It's grown about three or four inches so far... Hopefully it'll be long enough by fly season.

    I hate fly masks.

  3. Boyfriend, you have an award waiting at my blog!

  4. Bif-
    Don't go in the burrs and it won't hurt to have them removed.

  5. Boyfriend! I have given you an award on my blog. Congrats:)

  6. Gabriella and Milo: Thanks for the nods, guys C=

    I am searching for foodstuffs, when the hay pile is low. They only give me hay three times a day, so I must search the back pasture, and I look really, really hard.

    Burrs are inevitable, no matter how hard the humans have tried to eradicate them.

    There is talk of borrowing goats. I'm not so sure about that...


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