Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Succulent Selections

My good buddy Fenway asked about the treats (besides the infinitely wondrous, superb, perfect Mrs. Pastures cookies) Mother feeds me. His human is also apparently overly concerned by outward appearances. I mean, he mentions celery, as if that is an equine foodstuff.


I will say, though, I do like the treats Mother gives me, even if some were chosen because she mis-perceives my inherited metabolic adaptations to survival despite adversity and paucity of forage. There are the Hilton Herballs*, which are the first treats I ever met and the only ones I would eat for  a long time. She has some of these for me right now, although I know she gave some to interloping horses owned by people who have never even bothered to come visit me! Giving away my treats!

Another one, and one touted as being for IR horses, is Withers and Withers IR* Cookies. Grey turned me onto these... they are very yummy and Mother crushes them up in her fingers to add to my dinner to make my supplements taste better, as well as feeding them to me for kisses. Their melt in my mouth consistency, however, means Mother shares these with Jeanie, who while very attractive in her older years, has less teeth at 32 than she used to.  These are the only treats she can eat (they do melt/powder/crumble better when the package has been open awhile). Mother gives some of these to Belle and Callie, too, because they are both already very well rounded. Giving away my treats!

Something in common with these treats is their tiny size. Sigh. Human vanity is such a burden.

Speaking of human vanity.... Mother has had pointed out to her that she is woefully absent in pictures on my blog... perhaps a hand here, a leg there. She claims she prefers anonymity, but I have decided to out her. Because she was off with her human family and not me during the holidays, and that's not fair. Fenway says it is OK for the occasional straying from the strict and narrow equine viewpoint in a blog, so I place Mother in my limelight.  I frankly have never seen her as clean as this before, but her hygiene is a topic for another time, I suppose.

 Mother is the brown one in the middle. 
The black one has visited me, with various human larvae. 
The palomino... I'm not sure I know her.

See, Mother? Leave me alone all the time, and there is no telling what all I might dig up on you and present to the world. So you better start visiting me EVERY DAY again... please?

* Items viewable on SmartPak because that was the easiest place to go. Always read nutrition information and consider what is best for the equine/canine/bovine/feline/ovine/porcine involved. Not to substitute for the advice of your veterinarian or other rational human beings... I'm just a horse, after all.

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