Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter Dull Drums

Apparently there have been some holidays for the humans, but I wouldn't be able to tell. Mother has been listless and loggy and apparently suffering from "the cold". She has, as is typical of her of late, been woefully absent. She did come by to see me today, and gave me a good brushing, ripped out some tail hairs under guise of "brushing" it, and combed through the tufts that pass as my mane and forelock.

She did feed me dinner, and gave me a few cookies. But she also had taken Belle in and brushed her before me, and I clearly saw her give her schnozzle a kiss and cookies pass into her gullet. I am not pleased! I showed Belle I wasn't pleased by making ugly faces and chasing her away when we were back in the field together.

So while others are spouting grand New Year's Resolutions, I am simply plotting: how to get Mother to pay attention to me...  and most important, how to get more cookies.

1 comment:

  1. Bif, will you please tell me more about your cookies? My FarmWife tells me that I am obese. This means no more delicious, motivating sunflower seeds.

    I thought that as my Brother in Fluffiness, you might advice her about delicious alternatives. There has been some discussion of celery and I'm afraid of going down that road.

    Fenway Bartholomule


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