Friday, May 6, 2011

Always on her mind

This evening, Mother called Aunt Marilyn, telling her that she had worked late and still had some projects for work to do tonight, and would Auntie mind feeding me as she would not be able to make it up to my mountain hideaway. Fortunately, Aunt Marilyn fed me.

But I found out what the project Mother was working on really was...

 A few days ago, I mentioned the fact that I had trained Mother to no longer carry plastic bags with us on our walks. Just last night, in fact, I made another deposit at the gravel bank as we were concluding our walk. So when Mother heard they were having a Derby Party and potluck at work, it seemed obvious to her what she should bring in.

According to Mother, these are "horsie brownies".

Mother's coworkers are not horse people. I am not sure this will seem like the obvious choice to them. And I must say, the amount of industry and time put into this endeavor... well, she should have been up here with me. I mean, is this kind of a serving dish really necessary? Especially considering it required a hacksaw to help create it?!?

The serving dish for "horsie brownies".

Yes, Mother cut up a box and put aluminum foil on it and shortened an unused old wood handle with a hacksaw and cobbled it together. SERIOUSLY?!?

The good news, even though she did not come to visit me, is I guess I am always on her mind. I'm not sure this is really the image I want her to have of me, though...

Gooey, moist, caramel-filled horsie brownies...

Would someone please adopt me? I am dying from embarrassment. She'll tell everyone about my littering, I'm sure.

Oh, no! What if she tells those humans the coat story? Word will spread, then everyone will know.

I'll never be able to hold my head up again...


  1. How did your mother do that?! would you please ask her for me? How did she make the brownies mantain the shape of a ball?

  2. Mother says she used a tiny-muffin muffin pan, and also made a few in aluminum baking cups in a small/normal size muffin pan, so that there was a little size variety.

    The mix (Ghirardelli Caramel Turtle Brownie Mix) has several different recipes on it, and Mother extrapolated from those to get the results she wanted. She cooked them less and at a lower temp to keep them a bit more moist.

    She baked them for about 13-15 minutes at a cooler temperature (320f) than the box says, used a smidge more oil (safflower) and greased the pan (or aluminum baking cups) with some of the safflower oil, and used one egg and 5 tablespoons of water instead of the brownie directions.

    Out of the oven, once they were cool enough to move but not real cool she took them out and used her hands to make them more nugget-like. The ones that were cooked in the oiled aluminum cups seemed a bit easier to form, but this is the first time she has tried this, so she can't guarantee anything.

    After they were totally cool, she injected the caramel into them with a syringe thingy.

    She said they tasted very good, and they created quite a stir at the party, and everyone liked them...

    I am such an inspiration!!


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